HWV Puppies and Information

I often get asked about the HWV as a breed and have to say that I find them very easy to live with. They are very intelligent as you would expect with an HPR (hunt, point and retrieve), loyal, loving dogs, but also have a sensitive nature. In my experience, they like to approach rather than be approached and certainly can’t take rough handling either physically or verbally. If you like a dog that has a strong will then this is not the breed for you. I personally wouldn’t want a pup of ours to go into a kennel on its own outside. HWVs that I have known have all wanted company.

Frequently asked questions:

Is the HWV good with children ?
In my opinion the answer is yes but as is always the case, children must respect a puppy and be taught to treat it properly and the puppy must be socialised. Puppies need their own time and space as they are babies needing sleep and quiet time. Young children should never be left alone with any dog – there is only so much pulling around any animal can put up with and food mustn’t be allowed to become an issue.

DCF 1.0What would be better – a dog or a bitch?
Apart from the obvious differences such as a bitch having seasons, I think it makes very little difference as the HWV dogs don’t seem to be too macho or over-sexed unless they have had a lot of stud work. I personally have found the dogs more loving but maybe that is a female/male thing as it seems to work the other way round as well with Neil preferring the girls.

I work part -time, Will this be a problem ?
No-one has a crystal ball but I know a lot of folk who work part time have made necessary arrangements and successfully raised a pup into a well-balanced happy adult. No-one would advocate leaving a puppy all day to its own devices – that just wouldn’t be fair and ultimately would lead to an unhappy puppy who resorts to finding its own entertainment such as demolition work !

How do I pick a puppy with the sort of coat I am after?
Choosing a puppy isn’t always easy – especially having to take the coat into consideration. At about six weeks you can usually tell the ones that are going to be heavier coated because they will look like little adults coat wise – these have become given the name of ‘teddies’. The difficult decisions come when you require a shorter, tighter coat because with every will in the world they cannot be guaranteed at eight weeks. We would look for a puppy with some lighter, longer guide hairs and then keep fingers crossed that this develops into the required coat. It doesn’t always happen and sometimes it does but not to the amount you would like. Coats however, do appear to improve for a number of years and heavier ones improve with a good hand strip.

puppies3Does an HWV require much exercise?
It is my belief that all dogs require free exercise off the lead. The HWV will take however much exercise you will give him but would definitely become very unhappy if not exercised at all. Ours have free running out over the fields normally daily although if the odd day is missed they don’t seem to mind. Puppies don’t want to be extensively exercised until older and advice from the vet is always helpful. Ours start to go out with the older dogs at about 6 months and then not for a full walk. In the meantime they go out on puppy walks normally with one of the oldies.

We sometimes have puppies available to approved, loving homes. We will try to help you find a puppy if we do not have any available ourselves