Bareve Sandpiper over Moricroft

Abafia Lord Von Abbeystag (Imp Hun) x Shannamaya Linz At Bareve

Dob: 21.08.00 – 16.02.2015

Hip Score: 11

We were saddened to lose our little lady at the ripe old age of 141/2 yrs.  Lots of good memories and of course she lives on through her offspring and future generations.

We were very lucky to welcome Jenna into our home. Jenna’s mother was the Top Winning HWV for her entire adult show career. Jenna can be quite shy but has a mischievous out look on life and woe betide if you leave edibles within a paws reach!

Jenna shares Harris’s passion for water although she isn’t quite so foolhardy or brave. She would seem to have passed on her many merits to her offspring.