About Us

aboutusWe are Rachel and Neil Thompson and our affix is Moricroft we reside in North West Leicester in the National Forest. We have owned German Wirehaired Pointers since the mid 1980’s and the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla joined us in 1994. We have also owned an ETT, Cocker and Labrador.

The HWV’s are our main breed, we strive to produce dogs that are healthy with excellent temperaments that conform to all aspects of the breed standard. We also share our home with  a rescued Jack Russell Terrier.

We showed German Wirehaired Pointers for many years the undoubted climax being when our Uli (Bareve Bosanova) gained her title. We no longer have a GWP at home but don’t rule out having another in the future.

Our Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla, Shannamaya Piroshka, joined us in 1994 and came to us at two years of age. It was great testament to her temperament that she fitted in with our GWPs as if she had always been here. All home bred HWV are descendents of Piroshka.

Both of us are foundation members of the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association the original and oldest Kennel Club registered club for the HWV. Rachel is currently the Honorary Secretary for the HWVA.

We were also both long standing members of the German Wirehaired Pointer Club with Rachel having served on the committee in the capacity of Membership Secretary for a while.

Rachel is on the A1 list for the GWPC and HWVA and awards CC’s in both breeds.

We don’t work our dogs but strive to breed healthy dogs of good temperament who are capable of taking part in many different activities with dogs we’ve bred being worked to the gun, taking part in agility, obedience and working trialling. Several dogs of our breeding have achieved their Kennel Club Stud Book number two for work in the field something we are very proud of and are grateful to their owners for the effort put in to gain them.